• Taylor Watson


To me, Dreams can be the thing that can make or break a person. Someone can either follow them and fail or follow them and get what they live for. I think people also normally only stick to one big dream, and they try to dream as big as possible. But, the big dreamers and the reasons why we have Pop Stars, Astronauts, Doctors and Nurses and etcetera.

Sadly on the flip side, people can be forgotten in their journey towards their dreams which is rather sad because I believe that everyone should be able to get their dreams but in the real world, it is survival of the fittest and a case of luck whereas the people who normally achieve these bigger dreams come from a more privileged background because of ease of access. What I mean by this is there are many people in the world without a loving family or the privilege of not having to worry about money and even one of them on their own is enough to break a person and stop them from achieving.

That being said, I don't believe that only people with money and loving families can achieve because I think that if you work hard enough for something and you spend enough time logically planning how you're going to achieve what you want, you can get what you desire. But only the one's with the wills of titanium are able to break through these mental barriers of being able to accept that they may be disadvantaged, but they still fight just as hard or even harder to get what they want with the added stress that is brought upon them.

I think that opportunities are mainly given to the people that are advantaged and a logical reasoning for this is because it encourages things to stay the same. If certain opportunities are given to the people that were raised in the same mindset that their future bosses have been, there will be a lower chance of a change and it will keep the economical dynasties in order. If there was a true equal distribution of opportunity, the world could or would be run in a very different way than it is at the moment. People preaching to change the current "Struggles" in life would probably be better at achieving them because they would be the ones that would live have lived said lives, so they know what the exact issue is and not the people that try to help out of empathy and pity.

Everyone wants to change the world in some way where for some it may be that they want people to have complete equality in opportunity, but this would only favour some and disadvantage others. Hypothetically, if there was a transition from how the world is now to a place where there is complete equality of opportunity, the people in the more privileged bracket will have to fight harder because they would be against people of whom are just as or more capable of a job than they are.

I think that dreams can and are achieved if they're approached and looked at in a certain way. There is no straight path to success but an infinite array of crossing paths to the goal what one may seek. You just have to ask yourself if the way that you're going about pursuing your dream can be done in a more efficient way making it more likely to happen.

I have the dream that I can play a part in changing the world because I think I can say that I have been one of the people that had to make my own opportunities and rinse them for everything that they may hold. I interact with people from a range of backgrounds and I know what their issues are in life and living in it and with it helps me find the ways to make changes which other can't. The world will never be perfect and especially nowhere near it in my lifetime. But, I want to do anything that can make the children of future generations be able to have a happier and less stressful life than the generations before.

Thank you for reading.


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