• Taylor Watson

The Begining

Today (03-12-2019) marks the first day of "The 0 among the 1s". You may be asking what this is? I am a 16-year-old black Cyber Security apprentice trying to make my way up in the world of cyber. My current job contains me doing managed services such as "Alert response" and "Alert investigations", But my main part of the job is to teach secondary school kids about cyber and the world of Cyber.

Currently, the only movement of diversity in cyber is the Women in Cyber movement in itself is amazing, and they do some astonishing work. But, I ask myself the question, "How many people in Cyber are an of an ethnic minority?". So I google "Women in cyber" and I find a dictionary of how the world needs more women in the field. When I search "Ethnic minorities in cyber" I am greeted with nothing directly addressing this issue.

I'm tolerant when it comes the eyes that follow me around shops because they think I'm going to steal even though I earn and spend my money in the same way that they do. But in my short search (It would only be fair to use the same time searching for women in cyber to prove my point) I found nothing other articles dating back further than 5 years ago which genuinely aggravates me and hurts to see because there is no apparent pool of individuals who want to change this like I do.

And that is my aim for "The 0 among the 1's" I want to use this to document my life as a 0 (Black) among the 1s (White) in the world of Cyber Security and STEM. Due to having to commit to working at this moment in time, I cannot say how frequently I can post but I will make sure to document and progression in my career.

In the future I want to make it my goal to inspire as many black people as possible to get them the career that you want. And I will say now, this isn't just limited to STEM and cyber, I want to preach that you can be anything you want to be as long as you try hard enough and want it enough.

Thank you for reading and I hope to post again soon.



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